Madrasah Board Fazil Exam Routine

Last update at 2022-01-11 10:38:09 am By Stewart Hudson

A Madrasah Board Fazil Exam is held for making the teachers qualified to teach in a madrasah and for determining their knowledge about Islamic education. The examination includes memorizing some rules, principles, and guidelines about Islam such as the five pillars of Islam, hadith principles and Quranic recitation.

The Board Fazil Exam is a test that Madrasah Board students must pass before they can be accepted into their Alim program. The exam consists of eight subjects: Arabic language, Islamic studies, mathematics, logic and philosophy, grammar and rhetoric, medicine and philosophy, astronomy and geography. The exam tests the skills of reading comprehension, oral expression, memorization, reasoning ability, writing ability and analysis.

A madrasah board fazil exam is routine where students will be tested on the knowledge they have derived from their studies and are able to answer questions. The exam is conducted on a scheduled day during the month of Ramadan.

A madrasah board examination is a program of religious education that is conducted by a learned person in the Islamic faith. It can also be called a sharia board exam.

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