Geography Sylubus For Ordinary Level In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe was formed by the British colonialists. It was a country that had no particular natural resources and so its people could not develop economically. This led to the economy being based on agriculture, which made Zimbabwe's situation worse since it had no industries to speak of. However, this changed with the discovery of diamonds and gold in the Geography Sylubus For Ordinary Level In Zimbabwe,000 inhabitants. The largest commercial area where you can find different shops such as supermarkets, garment stores, grocery stores, and pharmacies are located in the city centre.

Students find it hard to know about different regions in Zimbabwe, so this blog is great for students who are just starting out in Geography.

The city of Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is located in central Zimbabwe, on the banks of Lake Victoria. Its elevation is around 11 meters above sea level and has an urban population of approximately 2 million people. The city has a tropical climate and can be divided into three distinct seasons: dry season, wet season, and transitional season. Harare used to be called Salisbury until it was renamed in honor of the country's first president Robert Mugabe.

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