Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000 In 10 Minutes Jennifer Fulton

Last update at 2021-12-30 01:28:11 am By Lana Dickson

Jennifer Fulton teaches you how to use Excel for financial and budgeting purposes. You'll learn how to do a budget, create reports, and even make a graph of your data!

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that offers powerful data analysis and visualization. Microsoft Excel is used by millions of people around the world, making it one of the largest applications in the Microsoft Office family. This easy-to-read tutorial shows you how to start using this popular tool, covering fundamental concepts for spreadsheets and some useful features for reporting.

Jennifer Fulton has written a free book for those who have never used Microsoft Excel before that provides an overview of the program's functions and user interface. This is useful for students who are studying the subjects of accounting, management, and public relations and need to use Excel but are not sure how. The book starts with which keystrokes will launch the program then goes on to teach users how to create worksheets, work with rows and columns, enter data, conduct calculations and manipulate data.

This book offers a hands-on, step-by-step approach to learning Excel. It is suitable for beginners who are new to spreadsheets. There are more than 250 screenshots on every page that show how the formulas and functions work in practice.

Download here: PDF ebook