Lesson 12 6 Tessellations

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Tessellation is a 3-dimensional geometric pattern formed by repeating the same pattern of shapes in different sizes.

This course introduces the concepts of Tessellations and theorems. It is one of the three disciplines that make up the discipline called Geometry.

The six tessellations of the hexagonal dodecagon are shown below. They show the pattern formed by rotating the tessellation around its center point. The hexagonal dodecagon is not a tessellation since it has no center point, so it forms a rhombic triacontahedron with twelve faces and thirty edges.

Tessellations are 3-D mathematical shapes that can be drawn on a plane without intersecting any of the lines or shapes. They are formed by repeating a pattern of some shape, such as squares, hexagons, or triangles, until it fills space in one direction.

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