Yamaha Yz85 Parts Manual

Last update at 2021-12-30 10:56:08 pm By Lana Dickson

The Yamaha Yz85 is an enduro motorcycle with a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel injected and DOHC 4 valve per cylinder engine. The Yz85 has a six speed transmission and hydraulic clutch. There are no gears on the swing arm which makes the bike more customizable for riders of all levels. The Yamaha Yz85 has swept back handlebars for better rider ergonomics and added comfort for long rides.

The YZ85 features an array of engine protection features, including three-stage lean angle detection and traction control.

Yamaha Yz85 Parts Manual provides in depth details on all of the parts that are found within your bike.

The Yamaha Yz85 is a dirt bike that you can use for both off-road racing and the street. It has an engine displacement of 88cc, making it one of the smaller dirt bikes on the market. The engine uses a counter-balancer that helps create smooth power delivery at all RPMs.

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