Separate Peace Study Guide Answers

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The book, Separate Peace by John Knowles, is about a teenager's first year of college and his experiences in the New England town where he grew up. The main character is Gene Forrester Jr., who also goes by Finny. The book is set in a place called "Stamford."

There are many ways in which the author's use of language, diction, and tone can be seen to make his work more dramatic. The first way that is used is the use of literary devices such as foreshadowing and allusions throughout the novel that help build suspense. Another way is by using a different point of view than narrator's perspectives.

The first section is the introduction to the book. The narrator describes a time when he was young and in school. At that time, he didn't like school very much and his parents got him a tutor so he would pass his classes. One day, the narrator's teacher forces him to take part in an exercise that means all of their lives are changed forever.

The Separate Peace Study Guide was written by Pat Conroy. It has the answers to the questions in the book in order for students to be able to learn about what happens in the novel.

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