Mothers & Babies Nurse In for the Climate Emergency

In this beautiful ceremony Mothers will gather together and feed their babies to show their power as a fiercely protective sector of society, in a bid to get the leaders of our country to act on behalf of the next generation. Wearing sashes emblazoned with the words 'their future', we will demand that political parties put the Emergency at the heart of this election. This will be a friendly gathering of fellow Mums feeding their babies (fed is best ladies, doesn't matter how!). We are a powerful group of people and can have a massive impact just by our presence together. Although organised nationally by Extinction Rebellion, we will be gathering purely as Mums who care about the fragility of our children's future. If your babies are now at school or even more grown up, your power is just as strong ? Please join us and our babies and let's get a good photo to tell the Council we are a very fierce bunch to mess with!

Starts at: 2019-12-02 12:00:00
Ends at: 2019-12-02 12:20:00



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